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New Games to the store

by Peter Fortune on November 19, 2020


We have been working very hard over that past few months to ensure we have the best games available for our customers. We have been doing many re-stocks but we have also gotten in some brand new games to the store. We have put together a description of some of the newest games we have added to give a little insight to what they are about. All of these games would make a lovely gift for someone, and each are priced under €20. A lovely stocking filler for Christmas!

Brutal Kingdom is a card drafting, deduction, and take-that style of game. It plays equally well at 3 or 4 players and takes about 30-45 minutes to play.

With each round of play, every player will receive four cards, two light colored and two dark colored. A game turn goes quickly, with each player playing a single card. On each of the 20 cards is a number, a title, influence icons, and a description of what the card does. When a card is played, any instructions on the card take effect, including the possible elimination of other characters.

After every player has played a single card, the ranks of each card are compared and the first player switches to the player with the highest rank. 

Players end each round by playing their entire hand. When that happens, any still living characters in a player’s stack receive tokens from the center of the play area for eliminating characters or from the indicated colored icons on their cards. After four rounds have been played, the game ends. 

After the point tally, the player with the most points wins.

Priced at just €19.99 you can get your copy here



Word Slam is a communication game where two teams compete. In each round, one player on each team tries to get their teammates to guess a hidden word or phrase using only the 105 explanatory cards available in the box. There’s only one solution shared by both teams, determined by rolling a die to randomly select one of six answers – the difficulty can be adjusted from beginner to the tough expert-level cards.

Word Slam is a chaotic rush: both clue-givers have a Scrabble-like holder that they can put as many of the one-word hint cards on as they like to try and communicate the answer before their rivals. This results in a hilarious rush to cram on vaguely relevant cards, then trying to re-order, arrange and swap them in an attempt to help your increasingly confused teammates. Whichever team guesses correctly first scores a point. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

There in no speaking, gesturing or acting of any kind allowed from the clue-givers, but they can point at cards to signify added importance – which is sure to result in plenty of animated tapping of cards. If the torture of hearing the same clueless guesses again and again becomes too much, an optional 90-second timer can be used to speed things along and stop any one round killing the fun.

We have two variations of word slam available:

Word Slam: Family
Word Slam: Midnight

Both of these versions differ from the original in that with this version, the die and timer are replaced by an app. Instead of using card holders, the two box halves are used as screens between the teams and the answer cards are played behind the screens.


Word Slam: Family

Word Slam Family has all the fast-paced fun wordplay of the original hit game, but in a streamlined, compact format. This version includes 100 story word cards and 100 answer cards, with a total of 600 answer terms in four difficulty levels. It includes easier, family-friendly answer words suitable for families and groups with kids ages 10 and up.

Word Slam: Midnight

Word Slam Midnight takes the compact size and frantic gameplay of Word Slam Family, but the choice of words is anything but family! With a definite adult-only audience this time around, Word Slam Midnight will bring a different kind of giggle to your next game night than its predecessor. This version includes 210 story word cards and 100 answer cards, with a total of 600 answer terms in four difficulty levels. 

Pass the Pigs is an extremely fun game where you roll 2 pigs and score points depending on the positon that they land in. This game is an old family favourite of mine and we are thrilled to have it in stock for this Christmas season. The box itself if very compact and at €13.99 this would make a fantastic stocking filler or gift for a co-worker. Get your Copy HERE

If you love this game already and looking for somthing a bit different check out what we have below...


As well as the classic version of this game we also have gotten in its latest form – Pass the Pugs. A must gift for all Pug lovers out there. The rules are the same as the original just with adorable Pugs instead of Pigs.

Get your copy HERE

If you are looking to supersize the game, we also have gotten in GIANT Pass the Pigs. With 2 inflatable Pigs, the rules are the same but the fun is giant. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon or as an ice breaker at your next game night!

Get your copy HERE


Brainwaves is a series of card games developed by neuroscientists and published by KOSMOS. These neat little games are designed to help build episodic memory for children and help adults to retain theirs. With enough play, these games are intended to train brains for a healthier livelihood.

We have the 3 editions of the game in stock with each of them €14.99, they would make a lovely gift. You can find them all HERE

In The Brilliant Boar, each player takes cards showing different animal portraits on their reverse side into their hand. They can look at the cards briefly when they draw them, but then must face the cards away from them. On a player's turn, they can either take the top card from the deck into their hand or play one of their cards onto the table, attempting to make as many pairs as possible from the card just played and those already face up on the table. Whoever collects the most cards wins.
In The Astute Goose, players must identify a burglar hiding in a crowd. What did the culprit look like? What color were their clothes? And what animal accomplices did they have with them? Suspect cards are assigned a number, from one to six. Players look at these cards, then turn them face down. On a turn, a player rolls the two dice: one showing a number, the other a characteristic of a burglar card. If the player can identify the correct item on the correct burglar card, they claim that card as a reward, and then put a new card in its place. Whoever collects the most cards wins.
In Brainwaves: The Wise Whale, players must memorise both the colour and sea creature from an array of cards on the table. Once the array has been flipped face-down, each player draws a card and tries to find a matching colour or creature for that card. Exercise your memory with this fast-paced game suitable for all ages. Whoever matches the most cards wins!


We will be getting in many new and exciting games over the coming weeks so keep an eye on our site. We will also be running some special offers for Green Friday. We would like to thank all of our customers for shopping with us, and choosing to buy from Irish small businesses.