Pass the Pugs

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The Classic family travel game, Pass the Pigs, has been doggified into Pass the Pugs

In Pass the Pugs, players attempt to rack up points by rolling the Pug dice-but if they're not careful they might 'Pug Out' and lose all their points.

Pass the Pugs is a portable version of the classic dice game that contains 2 pug dice, two pencils and the scoring book. Pass the Pugs is extremely simple, the players roll the pug dice and score points depending on how the pugs land. You can keep throwing dice until you are satisfied or you throw a bad roll, wherein you'll lose all the points that you've accumulated so far for that round.

The variant Pug Call rules in Pass the Pugs allow the other players to risk predicting the outcome of the throw; if predicted successfully, the Pug caller earns twice the value of the position *and* deducts that same amount from the roller's score!

Pass the Pig Contents:

  • 2 pug dice
  • score pad
  • scoring guide
  • 2 pencils
  • plastic carrying case
Playing Time
30 minutes
8 and up
Min Players
Max Players
Year Published
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