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Spirit Island

Spirit Island
Spirit Island
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Spirit Island

Island Spirits join forces using elemental powers to defend their home from invaders.

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  • 1-4 Players

  • 120 Min

  • Age 13+

    In the most distant reaches of the world, magic still exists, embodied by spirits of the land, of the sky, and of every natural thing

    Spirit Island is a complex and thematic cooperative game about defending your island home from colonizing Invaders. Players are different spirits of the land, each with its own unique elemental powers. Every turn, players simultaneously choose which of their power cards to play, paying energy to do so. Using combinations of power cards that match a spirit's elemental affinities can grant free bonus effects.

    Faster powers take effect immediately before the Invaders spread and ravage, but other magics are slower, requiring forethought and planning to use effectively. In the Spirit phase, spirits gain energy, and choose how / whether to Grow: to reclaim used power cards, to seek new power, or to spread presence into new areas of the island.

    The Invaders expand across the island map in a semi-predictable fashion. Each turn they explore into some lands (portions of the island); the next turn, they build in those lands, forming settlements and cities. The turn after that, they ravage there, bringing blight to the land and attacking any native islanders present.

    The islanders fight back against the Invaders when attacked, and lend the spirits some other aid, but may not always do so exactly as you'd hoped. Some Powers work through the islanders, helping them (eg) drive out the Invaders or clean the land of blight.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Dylan T.
    Amazing game, Excellent customer service.

    Me and the missus only started playing last week, the game is A1 10/10.
    There was a slight issue with delivery but Peter sorted it out for us ASAP.

    Philip W.
    Very fast

    Very fast dispatch and delivery, a genuine Irish company so you won't get caught with import duties. Can't say the same for other suppliers with a .ie domain name.

    manu s.

    Spirit Island