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Scrabble Prestige Edition

Scrabble Prestige - Mattel
Scrabble Prestige
Scrabble Prestige
Scrabble Prestige
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Scrabble Prestige Edition

This beautiful SCRABBLE™ game is the ideal gift to mark a special occasion.

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  • 2-4 Players

  • 90 Min

  • Age 10+

    Experience the luxury of Scrabble like never before with Scrabble Prestige, the deluxe version of the classic word game.

    This elegant set features high-quality custom made components, including wooden tiles with printed letters, wooden racks, and an embroidered velvet look cloth bag to store all the pieces.

    The solid mahogany wood box not only adds a touch of sophistication to your game collection, but also keeps all the components safe and secure. The integrated turntable allows for easy tile placement and the raised gold grid on the board keeps the tiles securely in place during gameplay.

    In addition to the main game, the set also includes a scorebook with pencil and sand timer to enhance your Scrabble experience.

    Scrabble Prestige is not only a fantastic game for word-lovers, it also serves as a stylish and functional centrepiece for a room or coffee table. Its durability and attention to detail make it a must-have for any fan of Scrabble.

    What's Included

    • Rotating gameboard with raised grid
    • Wooden tiles with printed letters
    • 4 wooden racks
    • Embroidered cloth bag
    • Scorebook with pencil
    • Sand timer
    • Rules

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Clara Cawley

    Scrabble Prestige Edition

    Joe B.
    Scrabble Prestige

    I purchased above as a birthday gift for my wife. When she opened the package, she found that one side of the upper section of the game had become badly split for three-quarters of its length. While it is a beautiful set, this was a big disappointment. I feel that the large package in which the game was delivered was dimensionally totally unsuitable and did not offer sufficient protection.

    Clare h.

    Great luxury set, nice wood, clear board. Tiles not quite so exciting:a bit lightweight abd one (g) chipped.
    But overall delighted, and should do us for another 30 years, like our last (not luxury) one!

    Michael M.
    Went back for more

    I had previously bought one of this board game set last year as a gift. Having enjoyed it so much in the past year (we hold a number of organised scrabble
    evenings per month), I decided this time around to buy three more sets, two as separate gifts for two friends' household, plus the third - of course, FOR ME! I can practice my skills when "home alone". I intend purchasing another early Summer as a Wedding Gift for my niece and her husband!. If anyone is ever stuck for a gift with a difference, you couldn't go wrong with this beauty!

    Shane S.

    I bought this as a present for myself for having stopped smoking. Delighted with it.
    Looks and feels like what it is, quality.