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Mysterium - Libellud
Mysterium - Libellud
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Mysterium is a cooperative board game. It blends aspects of murder mystery games and card-based guessing games.

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  • 2-7 Players

  • 45 Min

  • Age 10+

    A horrible crime has been committed on the grounds of Warwick Manor and it's up to the psychic investigators to get to the bottom of it.

    In Mysterium, one player takes on the role of the ghost and over the course of a week, tries to lead the investigators to their culprit. Each night the team will be met with visions, but what is the ghost trying to tell you? Can the psychics determine the weapon, location and killer or will a violent criminal pull off the perfect murder?


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Maria G.
    Worth the wait

    Great game. Boys aged 11,12.17 love it. They said instructions were hard to follow but found videos on you tube help explain how to play

    Synara M.
    Immersive and Mysterious!

    We really enjoyed playing this game!! The first time was a bit difficult for us as nobody had played the game before but once you played for the third time you connect the clues better. Even when playing as the ghost it's nice! The quality of the game is beautiful. We really recommend downloading the soundtrack from the website as it makes the game even more immersive!

    anne l.C.
    New cluedo for family

    Brilliant cooperative game, simple enough once you’ve read the rule and nice illustrations. First time I had brilliant team work from 2 brother always at each other throat in the game ( even D&G cooperative get mor competitive because of the different power).

    Rory G.
    Great fun

    Great Fun

    Daniel C.

    Great board game. Even as the ghost you are actively involved in the game. So no one feels left out.

    Seán W.
    Probably the best game I

    Probably the best game I have ever bought. Such good fun for a proper gaming night, but also easy playing and a great introduction game for newbies- not to mention you can play with 2-7 players!!