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Dobble - Asmodee Editions
Dobble - Asmodee Editions
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Dobble, a family-friendly visual perception card game for ages 6 and up. Race to find matching symbols on 55 unique cards, enjoy 5 exciting mini-games, and take it anywhere with its compact tin container. Fun and engaging for the whole family!

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  • 2-8 Players

  • 15 Min

  • Age 6+

    Dobble, an exciting and engaging visual perception card game that the entire family can enjoy! Easy to transport, this game is perfect for playing anytime and anywhere. With 55 cards and 57 symbols, Dobble is a test of speed and observation for 2 to 8 players, ages 6 and up.

    Gameplay and Objective:

    Each card has 8 symbols, and every two cards have one symbol in common. The goal is to be the first to spot and name the matching symbol to win the card. Dobble encourages concentration and observation, making it a delightful learning experience for kids and adults alike.

    5 Mini-Games to Enjoy:

    Dobble includes 5 unique mini-games that rely on speedy observation, ensuring every player stays involved and entertained:

    1. The Well: Players try to "fill the well" by matching the middle card with their top card.
    2. The Towering Inferno: Players build their own tower by taking matching cards from the middle pile.
    3. Hot Potato: Played in rounds, players quickly find matches and pass the cards to their opponents.
    4. Catch Them All: Players reveal cards simultaneously, spot matches, and claim cards before others.
    5. The Poisoned Gift: Players match middle cards with opponents' cards, and the player with the least cards wins.

    Compact and Travel-Friendly:

    Dobble comes in a handy circular tin container, making it the ideal game for playing on the move. Take it along on trips, to parties, or simply enjoy it at home with family and friends.


    • 55 cards
    • 1 tin box
    • 1 rulebook

    Join in on the fun and challenge your observation skills with Dobble - the fast-paced visual perception game for everyone!

    Customer Reviews

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    mandy l.

    Received in good time and exactly as ordered but item was much more expensive than other place which I found out later 😰

    Joanna G.


    Kevin M.
    Fun game! Very simple to

    Fun game! Very simple to setup and get into. Works great with 4 people

    Phil B.
    Love this game, great for

    Love this game, great for a quick laugh, and ideal for making up your own drinking rules to!

    Steven B.
    great game, loads of fun.

    great game, loads of fun. Can set up and play games quite quickly