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Cosmic Encounter: 42nd Anniversary (Revised)

Cosmic Encounter: 42nd Anniversary (Revised) - Fantasy Flight Games
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Cosmic Encounter: 42nd Anniversary (Revised)

Players take on the role of various alien races in a struggle for cosmic supremacy. The players must use force, cunning, and diplomacy to ensure their victory.

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  • 3-5 Players

  • 60 Min

  • Age 12+

    Looking to the skies to expand their reach, Cosmic Encounter: 42nd Anniversary Edition sees an array of budding alien empires vying for control of the galaxy. From parasitic life-forms clinging to their hosts, psychic races wielding unseen knowledge, and ancient warriors simply itching for a scrap, there are plenty of species for you to choose from.

    With each player controlling five home planets, the aim of the game is to form colonies on five foreign planets - i.e. those controlled by the other players. Once your enemy is decided, you must choose how much of your fleet to dedicate to the conquest. Then, you and your opponent can form alliances with bystanders to bolster your forces in exchange for handsome rewards and secretly pledge one of your combat cards to the conflict. Will you double down and play your strongest cards? Perhaps you expect little resistance and want to save your best for when you need it? Or maybe you can both benefit from this exchange through negotiation?

    The standard routine in Cosmic Encounter is fairly simple, making it accessible to newcomers. However, with over 50 different species to choose from, each with wildly different abilities, every game plays completely differently. Throw in unlockable ‘technologies’ and single use ‘artefact’ cards to shake up combat, and gameplay becomes increasingly exciting and engaging.

    In the 42nd Anniversary Edition, Fantasy Flight Games brings new components including beautiful, translucent spaceships, so you can conquer the galaxy in style. You can also shake up the way you play with a new playable race, Demon, previously only released at Cosmic Con. Finally, the introduction of Cosmic Combo cards, which suggest themed alien match-ups, creates interesting gameplay interactions and new challenges to overcome.

    With alliances, backstabbing, bluffs and a plethora of interacting powers, this game is both chaotic and, most importantly, fun. How else could we celebrate its 42nd anniversary?

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Peter C.
    A good game, but it

    A good game, but it didnt grip us immediatly like other might. I will still be breaking it out whenever I get 5 people in need of a game, though.

    Gavin L.
    A great and well-presented game

    A great and well-presented game with superb artwork, and which arrived supra-quick and well-packaged

    Ian D.
    Looks really good.. Service was great!

    The 5 stars are for service, once again I was able to order it late and then pick it up first thing the next day. I've yet to play it so I can't comment on the game itself but it was a good price, looks really fun with lots of negotiating and betrayal and the art is really nice. I could probably do with a run through first before trying to explain it to others but I'll give it a good go. Looking forward to breaking it out soon.

    Diarmuid G.
    Great Game. Huge potential replayability.

    Its a great game with so many races that it can be played completely differently each time. I'd definitely recommend it!

    Tomás J.
    Great Game

    Tons of different ways to play but manages to maintain a reasonably simple concept, never gets boring.