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Cards Against Humanity 2.0

Cards Against Humanity 2.0 -
Cards Against Humanity 2.0 -
Cards Against Humanity 2.0 UK Edition -
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Cards Against Humanity 2.0

Cards Against Humanity 2.0 is a fun, offensive and often hilarious party game that accommodates up to 20 players.

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  • 4-20 Players

  • 30 Min

  • Age 17+

    Unleash Laughter with Cards Against Humanity 2.0

    Designed for groups of up to 20 players, Cards Against Humanity 2.0 is the ultimate party game that pushes the boundaries of humor. Be prepared for uproarious fun as you match witty White Cards to outrageous Black Card prompts, creating unforgettable moments of laughter and amusement.

    How to Play

    1. Pick a Card Czar: Each round, one player becomes the Card Czar.
    2. Black Card Prompt: The Card Czar reads a question or fill-in-the-blank phrase from a Black Card.
    3. Witty Responses: Players choose their funniest White Card as a response.
    4. Judgment Time: The Card Czar selects the funniest response and awards the Black Card as a point.
    5. Ultimate Winner: The player with the most Black Cards at the end is crowned the champion of wit and humor.

    Endless Entertainment

    Cards Against Humanity 2.0 includes 600 premium playing cards, with 500 White cards and 100 Black cards. This ensures hours of laughter-filled gameplay with friends and family. Get creative and customize the experience with your own "house rules" for added variety and amusement.

    Premium Quality and Perfect for Gifting

    The game features professionally printed premium playing cards that are both durable and enjoyable to use. Packaged in a custom box, Cards Against Humanity 2.0 makes for a perfect gift, ready to bring laughter to your loved ones' faces.

    Play Responsibly and Respect Boundaries

    Please note that Cards Against Humanity 2.0 is intended for mature audiences and may contain offensive content. We encourage responsible play and respect for the sensibilities of all players. Create hilarious memories while maintaining a fun and inclusive environment.

    Join the Laughter with Cards Against Humanity 2.0

    Gather your friends, embrace the humor, and embark on an unforgettable laughter-filled journey with Cards Against Humanity 2.0. Match your wit against others, enjoy the flexible rules, and create moments that will be cherished for years to come.

      Customer Reviews

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      Teresa Donnelly
      Cards against humanity

      I have to say it's a brilliant game to have for when friends are around or even for family occasion .. it's such fun and the questions and answers are hilarious.. you'd spend half the game laughing especially when question is asked and all answers need to be read to choose the winning one .. iv already recommended it to several family members and friends .

      Therese G.
      Great service and product

      Happy with my purchase. Even in the busy season of Christmas my game arrived within a couple of days. Super impressed. Great quality game
      Recommend these guys and will buy again

      Jason C.
      Deadly craic

      Great delivery time right before Christmas, thanks guys😊

      Arianna P.
      Good Product

      Arrived very quickly and in perfect condition.

      Christina C.
      Great fun

      Good game, quick delivery