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Backgammon Milos (Medium)

Backgammon Milos (Medium)
Backgammon Milos (Medium)
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Backgammon Milos (Medium)

The Backgammon Milos set is perfect for players aged 6 and up, offering a stylish black stained design and engaging gameplay. Develop concentration and strategic thinking with this classic game that provides endless hours of fun.

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  • 2 Player

  • 30 Min

  • Age 6+

    Backgammon Milos (Medium) - A Timeless Game for All Ages

    Introducing the Backgammon Milos set, a medium-sized, stylish game perfect for players aged 6 and up. Backgammon is a classic board game with a rich history dating back thousands of years. It is played by two players, each with the objective of moving all their checkers off the board before their opponent. The game combines elements of strategy, tactics, and luck, making it a favorite among casual and experienced players alike.

    This beautifully crafted set features a black stained alder cassette with inlay and stone shelf, ensuring a visually appealing experience. The Milos set is designed for two players and aims to enhance concentration and strategic thinking.

    Key Features:

    • Medium-sized backgammon set
    • Suitable for players aged 6 and up
    • Designed for 2 players
    • Enhances concentration and strategic thinking
    • Black stained alder cassette with inlay and stone shelf

    What's Included:

    • 1 Milos cassette
    • 1 doubling dice
    • 4 dice
    • 15 dark playing pieces
    • 15 light playing pieces
    • Cloth bag for playing pieces
    • Playing instructions in multiple languages

    The Milos set comes complete with everything you need for an engaging game of backgammon, including a doubling dice, playing pieces, and a cloth bag for easy storage.

    Product Specifications:

    • Material: MDF, maple veneer
    • Color: black stained
    • Age recommendation: from 6 years
    • Number of players: 2
    • Playing time: 10 min.
    • Game size: 380 x 260 x 55 mm
    • Game size opened: 380 x 520 x 27 mm
    • Game packaging: 390 x 275 x 65 mm
    • Weight: 1.30 kg

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