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Amazing games

Very happy with the purchase, I bought many games for Christmas and my family really enjoys all of them. Fast delivery, can highly recommend and will definitely purchase again soon, thank you

Great service

Chess set of lovely high quality and the very speedy delivery was really appreciated . I have already been back to boardgamers !

The Chameleon
David K.
Good Party Game

A good party game that is quick to pick up and qui k to play.

It has some limitations if someone plays it loads and has a great memory they could cheat, but tits good for casual parties.

Mary C.
Fast Delivery

A Birthday gift for 15 year old grandson. He loved it.

Under Falling Skies

Lovely Set.

I found this a really good quality Chess set. The pieces are reassuringly 'sturdy', the board finish is lovely, the wood invites a satisfying stroke! As the set has drafts and backgammon as well, it is being well used by each of my three kids, who enjoy the different games.
So happy with the purchase. One thought though - it is BIG. Great for game play, but it doesn't fit in the cupboard with the other puzzles and games.


Great game

Space Base
Scott T.
Excellent game, excellent service

Bought this game as it seemed well reviewed online but wasn't easily available elsewhere. Was shipped the next day and arrived in two days, really good service. The game itself is fantastic: easy to learn, plenty of strategy and just enough luck to make some games of it one roll away from victory or defeat. Thoroughly enjoyable

The Inner Sherlock

Yes this is a detailed and engrossing game of 10 Holmes style mysteries based in late 19th C London. Extremely very well thought out.

Perhaps a bit OTT and could be intimidating. They could emphasise that there isn't a need to read everything before starting the game.

Don't Get Got
Robert M.

Don't Get Got


Fantastic Quality & Style. Top class craftsmanship evident & a pleasure to play


Really high quality board. Lovely addition to any room. Very enjoyable casuals game to play with a few friends on a night in.

Brilliant customer service too!

D O.S.
Best Board Game we have got in a long time.

This was an absolute hit this Christmas. It was stocking filler but became the main player very quickly. It can be taken anywhere and easy for travelling with. Kids showed it to and played it in every house we visited. There is no age limit or ability limit on this and the game can take a long or a short time.

Jungle Speed
Nuala G.
Love this game!

Great fun but make sure everyone cuts their nails first or their will be wounds, lol!

Break the Code
Paula M.D.

Break the Code

Dragon's Breath: The Hatching

Richard D.
An ok distractiion. Less Fun Than You'd Think.

Kluster is maybe a little bit less fun than you'd think. A game can last as little as a minute or two. For most of that time there's plenty of room to play, then there are maybe one or two difficult moves and someone wins.

Tying a knot to make the loop smaller definitely helps, but even so, I don't think this game has enough to keep us interested or coming back for more plays.

Cartographer game review 2023

Recently purchased for Christmas 2022 with family. Arrived on time and free of damage.
The game itself is relatively easy to set up and get playing - it has a solo mode also. Overall enjoyable game which is not to difficult to play. Would recommend it if you like flip and right type games.

Dragon's Breath

Swift delivery as a present for a friend. Like us, they love this game and their 4-year-old has been playing it non-stop since before Christmas!

Betrayal at the house on the hill

Got a late request for this game Christmas week. Couldn’t find it anywhere. not only took the order but had it delivered within 2 days. Fantastic service.

Very quick delivery and very impressive game!

Great gift , used by family and visitors alinke

I leave it out on coffee table , it’s beautiful solid polished wood, and kids keep setting up a game “to slaughter” me (which one does), it’s lovely with a glass of wine and a movie in the background. Love it , a real luxury family item that’s worth every penny, quick delivery and well packed , thank you

Patchwork and Carcassonne

Ordered these games in mid December for Christmas. arrived in about 4 days so very happy with that. Christmas games went well for whole family

Jungle Speed
Excellent Customer Service.

Put my order in very close to Christmas. Promt delivery and good quality product. Would recommend and good to support an Irish owned company.

Large Wooden Chess Set (Walnut)

Very nice chess set, efficient delivery. I would recommend this company.