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Zombicide Black Plague

Zombicide Black Plague - Guillotine Games
Zombicide Black Plague
Zombicide Black Plague
Zombicide Black Plague
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Zombicide Black Plague

Zombicide: Black Plague takes the zombie apocalypse into a fantastical medieval setting!

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  • 1-6 Players

  • 60 Min

  • Age 10+

    Zombicide: Black Plague takes the zombie apocalypse into a fantastical medieval setting! The arcane powers of the Necromancers have unleashed a zombie invasion in the age of swords and sorcery, and it's up to your group of straggling survivors to not only stay alive during these dark times, but to take back the realm and punish those responsible for the apocalypse!

    Zombicide: Black Plague allows you take control of paladins, dwarves, knights, and magicians, wielding powerful swords, crossbows, and even magic spells to defeat the zombie hordes and its Necromancer overlords. The classic Zombicide rules have been revamped for this new incarnation of the game, while still retaining the nonstop action, tense atmosphere and easy-to-learn rules that made Zombicide a classic. Equip your survivor with equipment like chainmail armor or shields to defend against the undead, pick up spell books to perform fantastic enchantments, or light up a pool of dragon bile to create an all-consuming inferno of dragon fire!

    Take on the zombie invasion from the medieval streets to secret vaults that create quick passages through the citadel (and often hold special artifacts). Chase down the elusive Necromancers to keep them from multiplying the zombie masses. And tackle a whole new set of missions through which your group of survivors will become the heroes of the land (or the last victims of the zombie massacre).

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Lasse H.
    Zombies everywhere! Great fun

    The game is great fun and is flowing surprisingly easy despite how complex the game appear, and is fairly easy to pick up. (Somebody that have never played before can quickly pick up the game playing with somebody that have had a few playthroughs)

    The "player vs the board" also functions very well, all zombies move in ways that leaves no room for interpretation so the game does not suffer from not having a GM, so everybody gets to fight zombies without anybody having to GM, and it works with with some players controlling multiple survivors, so you can easy play 6 survivor quests with only 2 players.

    The plastic dashboards for games are amazing! it makes it a lot easier playing as everything is "locked" in place nicely and there is no odd tokens or cards lose on the table.

    If you are a miniature painter (like me) the zombie models are not the most amazing looking models. they seem have a some big moldlines and a couple of the zombies appear to have lost a little details in the casting.
    However I dont consider this a major issue as the zombies are a just a horde and not the models you want to spend hours painting.
    I also recommend "Games Workshop Contrast Paints" if you are looking to give the zimbies a little colour (and I highly recommend that)

    The survivor models on the other hand looks amazing! minimal moldlines and flash, and good sharp details.

    An absolute gem of a

    An absolute gem of a game if you have been thinking about investing in this STOP just get it. Easy enough to learn in a fast paced game of unity and survival

    Padraig L.
    Great game, easy to learn

    Great game, easy to learn and fun to play. Fantastic miniatures for those who also like to paint.

    Guillaume L.
    Really good game, I will

    Really good game, I will buy extensions! Intermediate is a little bit too easy however!