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Large Wooden Chess Set (Walnut & Maple)

Large Wooden Chess Set (Walnut & Maple)
Large Wooden Chess Set (Walnut & Maple)

Large Wooden Chess Set (Walnut & Maple)

Experience the refined elegance of our Large Wooden Chess Set (Walnut & Maple), featuring a handcrafted Walnut and Maple cassette, intricate inlays, and Staunton-style Schima wood chess pieces in natural and brown stains. Perfect for tournament play or as a luxurious addition to any collection at an affordable price.

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  • 2 Player

  • 60 Min

  • Age 6+

    Elevate your chess experience with our exquisite Large Wooden Chess Set (Walnut & Maple), a handcrafted masterpiece designed for both seasoned players and collectors who appreciate quality and attention to detail.

    Premium Chessboard:

    • Material: Walnut & Maple cassette with intricate inlays
    • Matte sealed finish
    • Dimensions: 380 x 205 x 55 mm
    • Field size: 42 mm

    The chessboard showcases a stunning Walnut and Maple cassette, adorned with intricate inlays that create a visually striking appearance. The matte-sealed finish ensures lasting beauty and durability.

    Staunton-Style Chess Pieces:

    • Material: Schima wood
    • Natural and brown stained
    • Felt base
    • King height: 80 mm

    The chess set features Staunton-style chessmen, expertly crafted from Schima wood. The natural and brown stained pieces offer a pleasing contrast, while the felt base ensures comfortable gameplay and protection for the chessboard surface.

    Ideal for Tournament Play and Chess Enthusiasts

    Our Large Wooden Chess Set (Walnut & Maple) is perfect for tournament play, boasting a 42mm field size that accommodates intense gameplay. The meticulous attention to detail and luxurious materials make this chess set a true masterpiece and an impressive addition to any collection.

    What's Included:

    • Chessboard with 42mm field size
    • 32 chessmen (16 natural, 16 brown stained)

    Discover the perfect balance of elegance and functionality with our Large Wooden Chess Set (Walnut & Maple), a timeless classic that will impress chess enthusiasts and collectors alike.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Sean B.
    Good but awkward

    Good board but the metal clasp for keeping the board closed when folded up gets in the way while playing.

    Paddy Larkin
    Bought as a gift

    I bought this Chess Set as a Christmas gift. it looks good and very good delivery time.