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Bananagrams - Bananagrams Inc
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BANANAGRAMS is the award-winning word game that needs no pencil, paper, or board. Players race against each other to build crossword grids and use all their letter tiles first.

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  • 1-8 Players

  • 15 Min

  • Age 7+

    Addictive Fun with Bananagrams

    Get ready for fast-paced fun with Bananagrams, the word game loved by millions. Race to build word grids using all your letter tiles before your opponents. Be crowned the "Top Banana" as you strategically place your words.

    How to Play

    1. Place all tiles (the BUNCH) face down on the table.
    2. Each player takes 11-21 tiles, depending on the number of players.
    3. Call out "SPLIT," and all players flip their tiles and simultaneously create their crossword grids, rearranging as needed.
    4. When a player uses all their tiles, they call out "PEEL" and take one tile from the BUNCH. All other players must also take a tile.
    5. If a player struggles to use a letter, they can call "DUMP," return the tile to the BUNCH, and draw three new tiles.
    6. When the BUNCH runs out of tiles, the first player to use all their tiles calls out "BANANAS!" and wins the round.

    No Paper, Pencil, or Board Needed

    Bananagrams is a portable game that requires no additional materials. It comes in a small, banana-shaped pouch, making it easy to play anywhere. No need for paper, pencil, or a game board. Take it with you for wordplay on the go.

    Fun for All Ages

    Bananagrams is a game for all ages. Enjoy quality time with family and friends, challenging your word skills and strategic thinking. Suitable for ages 7 and up, Bananagrams is a hit at gatherings, parties, or cozy evenings at home.

    Unleash your creativity, expand your vocabulary, and experience the thrill of racing against the clock in this addictive word game. Bananagrams guarantees endless hours of entertainment, laughter, and friendly competition.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews

    Simple, fast, great fun.

    Glenda A.
    Super fast delivery

    Have yet to play the game as its for a Christmas present but the delivery was super fast. Looking forward to playing it.

    Nessa O'Regan

    Highly recommend

    Ellen F.
    Super efficient buying experience and fast shipping

    Thanks so much this game is very fun and it arrived so quickly!

    Tracey H.
    Lots of Fun!

    I wasn’t too sure about buying this game but I’m delighted that I did. It can be fast paced at times and we all really enjoy playing it. As a family we could sit playing this for a few hours.