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Cards Against Humanity 2.0

Cards Against Humanity 2.0 -
Cards Against Humanity 2.0 -
Cards Against Humanity 2.0 UK Edition -
Cards Against Humanity 2.0 International Edition -

Cards Against Humanity 2.0

Wingspan is a competitive, medium-weight, card-driven, engine-building board game from Stonemaier Games.

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  • 4-20 Players

  • 30 Min

  • Age 17+

    Cards Against Humanity 2.0 is a fun, offensive and often hilarious party game that accommodates up to 20 players.

    The game begins with one player reading out a question or fill-in-the-blanks phrase from a Black Card. Everyone else picks their funniest White Card. It's up to the person who read out the Black Card to pick who they think played the funniest White Card. They then get the Black Card as a point.

    You repeat this process until one person collects the most Black Cards and wins the game. The rules are very flexible and are often combined with house rules suggested in the rules or made up by other players.

    • 600 cards (500 White cards and 100 Black cards)
    • Professionally printed on premium playing cards
    • Includes game rules and alternate rules, shrink-wrapped in a custom box

    Customer Reviews

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    Christina C.
    Great fun

    Good game, quick delivery

    Babs M.
    Glad there are new cards


    Laura M.

    This product came in perfect condition and so much cheaper than other leading retailers for the exact same thing. I was also very impressed with how fast it was delivered!

    Caroline N.
    So funny never heard family laugh as much

    Player this with my sisters and friends. Never heard them laugh like it. all in knots laughing. Great laugh.

    Simon C.
    Great Group Game

    Easy to get others to play. It's not complicated and everyone has great fun playing it. A nice handy game that you can play for as long as you want.

    Timothy M.

    Great party game.