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The hilarious party doodling game - Terrible Drawings and Ridiculous Guesses. This is the Family friendly version of the game.

Based on the same principles as the original 17+ edition, this more family friendly version, simply contains a set of more age-appropriate answers, while still retaining all of the fun and silly elements of the original.

Each player starts with a clipboard, a stack of whiteboard paper and a questionable Scenario Card. Everyone then has to do their best at drawing the scenario on their card before passing it to the player on their left.

This player then clips another page over it and attempts to describe the picture underneath. The clipboards are then passed along once more, with the next player making an attempt to draw the new description that is in front of them

Once the contents of the clipboards are displayed for all to see, players vote for their favourites.

The how to play video below is of the original game, the gameplay is the exact same, just this version is alot more family friendly!

Playing Time
30 minutes
17 and up
Min Players
Max Players
Year Published
Line Drawing
SCR Green
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