Incan Gold

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Quick, fun game of bluff and daring

Incan Gold is a quick, fun game of bluff and daring in which explorers push their luck while exploring an old Incan temple in search of gold and treasure. In each round, you decide whether to delve deeper into the temple, adding to your riches, or escape with the share you’ve acquired so far.

Every time an explorer braves new territory, more gems and dangers appear. Giant spiders, mummies and fire can cause you to lose everything. Is it worth the risk? You decide. But if you leave, those who remain in the temple may acquire a bigger share of each stash of jewels yet to be found.

After five rounds of exploration, whoever has the most treasure is the ultimate explorer and the winner!

Incan Gold board game contents:

  • 5 temple cards
  • 16 player cards
  • 8 tent cards
  • 30 quest cards
  • 5 artifact cards
  • 110 treasure pieces
Playing Time
20 minutes
8 and up
Min Players
Max Players
Year Published
Press Your Luck
Simultaneous Action Selection
Rated 4.50 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 2 customer reviews
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Push your luck

Very simple game, you just have to decide if you're risking your rewards for a chance to get more or if you're happy and can just leave. In the end it's almost pure luck, but it's still funny. It can also be played remotely quite easily.

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It's a very simple, fun

It's a very simple, fun game, totally recommended for family settings! (Gets more fun the more players there are)

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