Forbidden Sky

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Soar to dizzying heights in the electrifying cooperative adventure. Work as a team to explore a mysterious platform that floats at the center of a savage storm.

Soar to dizzying heights in this electrifying cooperative adventure! Work as a team to explore a mysterious platform that floats at the center of a savage storm. Connect a circuit of cables to launch a secret rocket - all before you are struck by lightning or blown off to the depths below. It’s a high-wire act that will test your team’s capacity for courage and cooperation. One false step and you all could be grounded… permanently!

About the Game
The saga continues! What started off as a simple island adventure has evolved into an ever-developing storyline. From ocean to desert, and now to the sky, this latest installment takes you to new heights with several novel challenges, including collectively planning a terrain using only limited information, and constructing a real electrical circuit. Forbidden Sky also breaks new ground for us as a publisher, as it’s our first game to include an electronic component. Inventor Matt Leacock created such a compelling mechanism with building a circuit that we felt it warranted breaking our long-held rule of not publishing games with batteries. Hopefully, you’ll agree that the payoff is electrifying!

Playing Time
60 minutes
10 and up
Min Players
Max Players
Year Published
Action Points
Modular Board
Tile Placement
Variable Player Powers
Science Fiction
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Good game, poor components

Great game, like the others in the Forbidden series. <br /> <br /> Some components were poorly set and one had come apart and needed reglueing.

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