Time's Up! Party

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Time’s Up! Party is the perfect party game to play with friends or family.


Time's up party is a hilarious party game in which players, in teams, give each other clues to guess the names of famous historical or fictional characters over three increasingly difficult rounds. Can you guess 'Donald duck' With just one word, or communicate 'isambard kingdom Brunel' By mime? You have 30 seconds and three rounds to make your team guess the most cards!

Unlike some other games, it requires no encyclopaedic knowledge to have fun. A bit of cleverness, a bit of attention, a bit of memory, and that's it! To offer a new experience each time, the Party version offers updated content with celebrities and characters from your favourite movies, television series, books, and more.


  • New, updated, and varied content for the UK
  • An excellent party game
  • Includes a handy bag to make it the perfect travel game
  • Don't know the person you are trying to describe? The box includes a handy biography list.
Playing Time
45 minutes
12 and up
Min Players
Max Players
Year Published
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