Ultimate Werewolf Legacy

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Ultimate Werewolf Legacy combines two kinds of unusual games into one new idea: Ultimate Werewolf games and Legacy games.


Ultimate Werewolf Legacy combines two kinds of unusual games into one new idea: Ultimate Werewolf games and Legacy games.

Ultimate Werewolf is a bluffing game where players have secret roles. You spend time talking, trying to figure out who has which role, arguing your points, and trying to get your team to win. These games are facilitated by a Moderator who knows all the roles and keeps the action moving.

Legacy games have effects where actions players take in one session might have an impact on the next session. For example, if the group decides to read a mystical spell in one session, the effects of that spell might be felt in the next session.

Your sessions will be unlike any other as your village hosts an ongoing battle between villages, werewolves, and all sorts of additional forces.

Your actions - and their consequences - will determine the legacy of your village by the end of the campaign. Will your village flourish? Or will it fall under the shadow of fang and deceit by the end of the campaign?

And once you've played through the entire campaign, you can play everything again, and have an entirely different experience.

Experience Werewolf Like Never Before!

  • 1 Reference Guide
  • 1 Getting Started Guide
  • 1 Diary
  • 1 Token Punchboard
  • 15 Family Cards
  • 1 Spell Card
  • 1 Mysterious Box
  • 54 Role Cards
Playing Time
60 minutes
13 and up
Min Players
Max Players
Year Published
Legacy Game
Traitor Game
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Rated 4.50 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 2 customer reviews

Love it

It's Werewolf. Always a pleasure to play. Down to play every single time I am asked. Moderating is also something I very much enjoy doing.

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Very entertaining

Very entertaining and the flow of the chapters is compelling! As the moderator, I’m really excited to see what happens next even though I already know the possible events that could take place. The only downside is finding a consistent group of 9+ players.

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