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Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature 2
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Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature

Expansion for Zombie Dice - If you love zombies, you love zombie movies . . . and Zombie Dice! So here it is: Zombie Dice 2 – Double Feature!
€6.49 €9.99
Zombicide Angry Neighbours Zombicide Angry Neighbours 2
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Zombicide Angry Neighbours

Zombicide Angry Neighbors challenges you to face off on a whole new breed of zombies! Note: This is an expansion for Zombicide, Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak and Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue.
€41.82 €46.99
Zombicide: Toxic Mall expansion
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Zombicide: Toxic Mall expansion

This expansion will introduce mall tiles combining building and street zones for a different perspective on lines of sight. There will be also four new survivors (including their Zombivor versions) with new skills, and the six Zombivor versions of the 2012 core game heroes.
€59.14 €64.99
Catan: Explorers & Pirates: 5-6 Player Extension (2015 Refresh)
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Catan: Explorers & Pirates: 5-6 Player...

This extension for Catan: Explorers & Pirates allows a fifth and sixth player to join in the building, trading, colonizing, fishing, sailing, pirate battling, and spice trading fun. 
€30.44 €34.99
Dungeons & Dragons The Curse of Strahd
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Dungeons & Dragons: Curse of Strahd

A fantasy-horror adventure for characters levels 1-10, Curse of Strahd provides everything a Dungeon Master needs to create an exciting and memorable play experience.
€40.79 €47.99
Dominion 2nd Edition Update Pack Dominion 2nd Edition Update Pack 2
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Dominion 2nd Edition Update Pack

So you have the original edition of Dominion and you don't want to purchase a whole new game! Well you are in luck. This Dominion 2nd Edition Update Pack includes ONLY the new Dominion 2nd Edition cards to upgrade your Dominion to 2nd Edition. Please note:  This is not a standalone.
€9.89 €17.99
The Fiasco Companion
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The Fiasco Companion

This book is a solid, in-depth guide to making your Fiasco games excellent.
€17.49 €24.99
Dominion: Adventures
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Dominion: Adventures

Dominion: Adventures, the ninth addition to the game of Dominion, contains 400 cards, 60 tokens and six mats.
€35.69 €41.99
King of New York: Power Up!
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King of New York: Power Up!

With King of New York: Power Up!, Captain Fish, Sheriff, and their fellow monsters now have two unique sets of evolution cards (112 cards total) for both King of New York and King of Tokyo — and a new challenger joins them: Mega Shark!
€16.19 €17.99
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