King of Tokyo: Power Up!

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Richard Garfield strikes again with this first expansion for King of Tokyo! New Monster Powers and fear the slap of the terrible Pandakaï!

This is an expansion and requires the King of Tokyo base game.

With King of Tokyo: Power Up! – an expansion for the King of Tokyo base game – after choosing a monster, each player takes the eight Evolution cards associated with that monster, shuffles those cards, and creates a personal deck. At the end of a player's turn, if she has three hearts, she draws one Evolution card and adds it to her hand; this is possible even in Tokyo (when hearts are normally useless) and even if the hearts are used for some other action, such as healing.

A player can reveal and play an Evolution card at any time. Some Evolutions are temporary, allowing a one-time bonus, while others are Permanent, such as Gigazaur's "Tail Sweep", which allows him to change one die to a 1 or 2 each turn. Each Evolution card also identifies whether a monster is a Mutant, Invader or Robot, and while not relevant for Power Up!, this species identification could come into play in future expansions.

The rules for King of Tokyo: Power Up! contain a few variants: Players start with a random Evolution in play, or draw two cards and choose the one they want, or draft a set of Evolutions prior to the start of play. However you play, the goal of the game remains the same: Score 20 points or be the last monster standing amid the rubble of what was once Tokyo.

Playing Time
30 minutes
8 and up
Min Players
Max Players
Year Published
Richard Garfield
Dice Rolling
Variable Player Powers
Movies / TV theme
Science Fiction
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Great addition!

Great addition!

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Really good expansion. Adds more

Really good expansion. Adds more to an already great game.

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The evolution cards are really

The evolution cards are really good.

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Great Addon

The Power Up! addon is a really nice addition to King of Tokyo making each monster feel unique. Before all the monsters were exactly the same and who you picked really didn't change too much.<br /> Now though each monster has different powerups, The King for example has alot of buffs to get him into Tokyo and power him up while he's there. While the Kraken is all about taking less damage.<br /> It makes rolling hearts to get stronger a much better option. What was usually everyone trying to get as much energy as possible turned into trying to get a nice mix of things both to power up and to get the bonus effects of other rolls.<br /> If you've got King of Tokyo it's well worth the money for this expansion.<br />

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New King of Tokyo.

Great expansion that makes both your monster and dice choices matter much much more. I would almost label this expansion as essential for full enjoyment of the game. <br /> My ONLY qualm with this set is the new panda component doesn't quite fit in the stand, it's maybe 1 mm to thin so it falls over which is very annoying. I fixed this by adding a little tape, but this shouldn't be needed since the rest of the game is such good quality.

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