Dobble Animals

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Dobble is the game of quick reactions and matching pairs. (In this case, pairs of animals.)

Dobble is the game of quick reactions and matching pairs. (In this case, pairs of animals.) It’s one of Asmodee’s more simple games, but also one of its universal, popular ones. Circular cards, with a whole bunch of different images on them. Can you be the first one to locate a pair of images that sit on both your card, and the top card?

Dobble is what would happen if Snap pumped serious iron down the gym. It sounds simple, but in the heat of the moment, the tension can get the better of you. Not to mention the lightning-quick reactions of the other players! Every one of the 55 cards is unique, but each one has an image on it matches one other card in the deck. There are five different variants you can play, but all are about whoever has the quickest eyes.

Dobble Animals features 55 cards, each of which have eight different animals on them. Like the Dobble base game (in the yellow and purple tin), Dobble Animals has five different variants/modules. They all revolve around matching symbols, though. The trick is to locate one animal on the top face-up card, with one that matches on your own card. Then it’s a case of being quick enough to shout out the name of said animal, and slap your hand down!

It might sound like Dobble Animals is a kids’ game… But have you ever played with competitive adults? Trust us, this will liven up any party! (Be sure to warn the neighbours in advance, though!) Dobble takes 20 seconds to teach, and will have you and your friends in fits of giggles. Especially when your hand-eye observation skills fail you!

Playing Time
10 minutes
6 and up
Min Players
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Pattern Recognition
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